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13 miles south of downtown Austin. Ruffing it has never been so fun!

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Services and Rates

Dear customers; after two years without an increase, we are adjusting our price slightly. Please see our new pricing below. (We will honor the old price on current reservations).  

Overnight Boarding:

One dog:                                                                                              $33 per night

2nd dog sharing sleeping space:         $21 per night ($54 for the two)

Includes two long, daily sessions of supervised outdoor play in a social context with other dogs; about 6 hours in total, with a nap break indoors from noon to 4pm. Your pet is introduced in a group of dogs of similar size, age and demeanor, forming harmonious play groups in our various play yards. Night accommodations are indoors, individually, in a fully climate controlled facility; your pets are fed, and spend the night and nap time, in their own individual runs (or with a family member). During inclement weather (heavy rain or excessive heat), or if a dog has special needs, outdoor time may be more limited.

Daycare Playday (weekdays only):

Single day                                                    $17

10 visits card                                              $145 ($14.50 per visit)

(can be used any weekdays at owner’s discretion)

Daycare pets spend the same amount of time outdoors as our boarders, but they get picked up at the end of the day. Daycare dogs are not fed at Ruff Ranch, we assume you feed them at home. Daycare is more informal and does not need previous reservation; just come when you want to give your pooch a fun day at the ranch!

     Payment by check cash or major credit card.

New to Ruff Ranch?

No worries, your pooch’s safety and wellbeing are very important to us. For that reason, we need to take care of a couple of things on your first visit. Here is what we’ll need from you:

1.  Proof of Vaccinations: Written veterinary verification of current rabies, DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, parainfluenza), and bordetella vaccinations, showing vaccination dates or next due dates. Please send updates as you re-vaccinate. We expect all dogs to be on some form of flea control (and will administer it here, at owner’s expense, if we detect fleas).

2.  Boarding Documents: Please print these documents (click on link), fill them out, and bring them with you when you first come to Ruff Ranch, along with your pet's proof of vaccinations.

a.  Boarding Application / Pet Profile to provide us with some background information on how to best care for your pets.

b.  Boarding/Daycare Contract that outlines our various policies.

You can bring these three documents when you come, or you can scan and send them via email (preferred).

3.  Behavioral Evaluation: Ruff Ranch is a socialized boarding facility. This is very fun, and therapeutic for the dogs but it requires careful management. For this reason, we require a behavioral evaluation of any dogs over 30Lb. Are your dogs bigger or smaller than this? If they are bigger we would need to schedule an evaluation some weekday prior to their boarding. Our guests spend a large part of the day in play groups; they are supervised when outside, but once a play group is established, it isn’t necessary for someone to be inside the yard the entire play time. During our evaluation, we have a chance to assess the social skills and safety of your dog in a controlled environment, and after a careful introduction of the new dog to the group. The behavior evaluation requires a full play day at Ruff Ranch, dropping off between 7:30 and 9 in the morning and picking up between 5 and 6 PM. It costs $17 per dog (our drop-in day care rate, there is no additional charge for evaluation), and is required for all new guests over 30 pounds. Because we are a 100% social facility, it is important for the safety of our staff and guests that all new dogs be thoroughly vetted. It is also really good for the new comer to spend a day here, and then go home. It very much alleviates stress when they come back to board. We look forward to meeting you all soon!

Boarding day: what to bring?

·     Is your dog stomach-sensitive? If so, you may want to bring the food from home that your pup is used to; excitement, over-drinking and exercise here, combined with food changes, may cause minor diarrhea in your pooch. Storage space is limited, so please bring the approximate amount of food needed for their stay, in a bag or box labeled with their name. Please do not bring bowls, unless your dog has a special need (such as a slow feeder). If your dog is not sensitive to food changes, Ruff Ranch provides food at no additional cost; we use Costco’s brand of chicken formula.

·     Medicines such as allergy pills, digestive pills, antibiotics or currently prescribed medications. Describe clearly in writing how to administer and the dosage required.

·     One chew toy for the night, if your dog is nervous and has a chewing habit.

·     Bedding, if your pet is old or enjoys it. In summer, many dogs prefer our cooler rubber floor. The easiest bedding is an old folded blanket.

·     Do NOT leave with us your leash, harness, choke collar, prong or studded collar.

Major Holidays

The holiday seasons are busy times at Ruff Ranch; we are a holiday business! Because of this, we strongly recommend that you make your reservations with plenty of time. During major holidays seasons (see list below) any changes to reservations must be done with at least a week's notice; we will be full and want to take care of as many of our loyal customers as we can!

Holiday Office Closures

New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.